Overview of the Website

• Sound Healing Classes - Certificate and Associates Degree Programs in Sound Healing at the Institute. ... MORE INFO

• Sound Healing Audio Production Classes -
Certificate and Associates Degree Programs in Sound Healing Audio Production. ... MORE INFO

• Sound Healing Music - Over 60 CD's of music based on science and inspired by Spirit. Most of the Sound Healing CD's include codes from Nutri-Energetics embedded in the music. Most of the CD's also include binaural beats to entrain the brain into different brainwave states. Including many therapeutic CD's where you play the sounds right on the body. Over 10 Sound Healing Guided Meditation CD's, including CD's for Pre-Op, Surgery, and Post-Op while recuperating in the hospital. ... MORE INFO

• Free Sound Healing Information and Music - Throughout the Website. ... MORE INFO

• Sound Healing and Sound Therapy Treatments - Over 15 types of treatments using sound as a healing and transformational tool. Many miracle stories to confirm their effectiveness. ... MORE INFO

• Sound Healing Events - We offer Sound Healing concerts, "meetup's," radio shows, and Sound Healing conferences (We put on 3 International Sound Healing Conferences so far). ... MORE INFO

• The Sound Healing Research Foundation - We are researching and proving the effectiveness of Sound Healing and Therapy in order to bring it more into the mainstream (hospitals and homes). We have created the GeneOM project to map every frequency when the human system.

• Sound Healing Media Production -
Research will only get so far in the mainstream medical field. Therefore, we are creating multi-media projects to bring awareness to the mass public. We are currently working on a Cirque style play in which the actors and actresses interact with IMAX 3D visuals. Each seat in the auditorium has several speakers in it to vibrate the audience into bliss. The play is called, "Compassion," is about holding compassion for the evil that is destroying our planet (instead of anger and revenge). We are also working on several major movie productions.

• Sound Healing Tables for Sale - We offer Vibroacoustic Sound Tables that vibrate your whole body into bliss. We also have a wide range of CD's just for the sound table. ... MORE INFO

• Crystal Bowls for Sale - A wide range of Crystal singing bowls available. We will do a free assessment to find what pitch is good for you.

• Sound Healing Recording Services - We offer Sound Healing Audio Recording and Production, Music for your project, video or movie; Sound Healing Speakers, Sound Healing Event Production, and a wide range of Sound Healing Products and Services for Massage Practitioners, Spas, and Alternative Healing Centers. ... MORE INFO

• Virtual Reality Sound and Visual Healing - We are currently developing a Virtual Reality system where you can place healing 3D visuals inside a graphic various body systems. Sounds are then moved up and down on a Sound Table so you can feel the sounds inside your body right where you are seeing them. ... MORE INFO