Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute     www.SoundHealingCenter.com

Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute in San Francisco is dedicated to
bringing everyone in the field together.  Globe Institute has a Certificate Program and a 2 Year Associates Degree Program in Sound Healing.  The College is approved by the State of California and gives a full perspective on everything going on in the field from a faculty of 12 instructors.  The program is designed to help you to become a Sound Therapist.  We are also working to help bring Sound Healing into the mainstream by performing scientific research to prove the effectiveness of ancient and new techniques.


Resonant Harmony Sound Tables www.SoundHealingCenter.com/tables.html

Sound Tables with a large array of scientifically and spiritually designed healing music CD's






Healing Partnerships http://mysite.verizon.net/jazzscratch23/index.htm
A specialized team deciphers the hidden codes, builds the codes in sound, reCHORDs the sound, transmits the sound through oscilloscopes and/or the Cymascope and photographs or makes movies of the actual physical sacred and secret sound waves.  We will offer cutting edge nutritional products, the unique service of personalized Homeopathic Sound Signatures, sacred sonic tools and the CDs and DVDs of our cutting edge sound research. Visit our booth and see HOW sound LOOKS !!! Contact: Judy Cole (260) 420-8142 ToYourHealth@aol.com


Lali S. Kakar - International Vedic Palm Reader and Mystic / Success Coach and Motivational Speaker. Seek out the wisdom of an accomplished Indian Vedic Palm Reader. He uses Western and Indian Vedic palm reading systems to understand the various forces behind your destiny. Your destiny is revealed by the lines of your hand. Become intimately familiar with your palm, and the secrets that it reveals. This International speaker and workshop leader has read the palms of Dr. John Gray, Martin Luther King Jr. III, Loretta Swit, Michael Ondattje, and others. He combines the vedic sciences of palm reading, numerology with his extraordinary psychic gifts.


Earth Calm www.EarthCalm.com
EarthCalm has been a leading pioneer in EMF protection for over 20 years and the first to introduce the use of scalar waves. This revolutionary introduction of scalar waves almost a decade ago affords a deeper level of electromagnetic protection and healing. Contact: Sandee Friedland 917 940-6510 RELady4u@aol.com


RA Music (Sacred Geometry Music Conversion) - Sound Bubble   www.ramusic.org
Alan Howarth
The “Sound Bubble” is a personal, immersive, audio technology using acoustical and binary acoustical techniques creating a sound healing experience. It features 16 discrete channels of immersive “sound pixel” audio, offering low frequency vibration in seating area of Sound Bubbble. The full experience arises when combined with RA Music, a natural frequency spectrum conversion process, based on Sacred Geometry. This is technology to be recognized as major forces in the emergent Sound Healing wellness arena..


BioMat Synergy / Phibration www.Phibration.com
Come experience the Amethyst Crystal Biomat. Developed by Medical Professionals, The Biomat synergizes three elements of nature, generating Far Infrared Light which is considered natures healing light, Negative Ions which recharge the human energy field like the exhilarating force of an ocean wave splashing onto shore and Amethyst crystals known as natures balancer and energy transformer. The combination of far infrared light and negative ions induces a deep state of relaxation which unravels stress from the body and deep physical rejuvenation occurs. Detoxify, Burn Calories, Balance Hormones and Improve Sense of Well Being plus much more

The Didgeridoo Gallery
The Didgeridoo Gallery has a vast selection of Australian Aboriginal made didgeridoos on offer along with all the gear you need like gig bags, stands, CD's, clapsticks and more. How to play didgeridoo workshops and performances can be arranged too. Retail and wholesale opportunities are available as well.

David Hickey - Sound Journey
Healing the Planet with Music
Selling 5 titles of Crystal Journey CD's, Brass Singing bowls, Tingshaws and silk chakra scarves, also demonstrating Paiste Gongs.


Sonic Age America www.sonic-age.com
We will be showing the Cymascope, which creates a Cymatic visual pattern of your voice or an instrument. Contact: Erik Larson erik@sonic-age.com 208-264-0171


InnerSense   www.vibrasound.com
InnerSense will demonstrate their state of the art light, sound and vibrotactile technologies collectively trademarked as VibraSound®.  A next-generation supercomputer controlled breath analysis called Aspire™ will also be shown, which is used to create a powerful multi-sensory interactive biofeedback program that can be experienced on a VibraSound®. or your own home computer.  In addition, a new futuristic Alembic technology that allows intention to be concentrated into substances which can then be absorbed into the body for reinforcement will be demonstrated and made available for purchase along with the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality and Harmonic Reinforcement CDs. 


HeartMath www.HeartMath.com
HeartMath® provides a range of unique services, products, and technology to increase health and well-being while dramatically reducing stress. The emWave® technology and HeartMath system are currently being used by individuals to reduce stress, depression, fatigue, sleep problems and improve emotional fitness.


Integrative Aboundance Movement
humanitarian networking tools
raw vegan superfoods
colloidal gold
raw noni juice
raw cacao (chocolate)

Goddess Silks www.GoddessSilks.com
Hand Painted Creations to Enhance your Spirit
Intricately Hand Painted Silk Kimonos, Scarves and Wall Hangings to
Illuminate the Spirit Within. Hand Carved Bone Jewelry.

Zyto Corp. www.zyto.com

Zyto is the global leader in bio-communication technology. We’re introducing the Ebox, a system that will transform consciousness through bio-informational technology. Come down the booth and transform your consciousness


Aura Photograph & Energy Reading - Some chakra jewelry LaBelleStar@earthlink.net

Belle Star - Master Life Coach and Aura Reader - Aura Photographs/Readings are a powerful aid to understanding personal patterns.   In conjunction with counseling or life coaching they can uncover your spiritual assets and help to show how they serve you.  Seeing how these energies impact one’s life can greatly reduce the hours needed to gain insight and perspective.   Be Yourself - Everyone else is taken! Belle is located on Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado where she takes aura photographs, gives readings and coaches on current life challenges.  She is also available for mini-aura readings at conferences, festivals and private gatherings.

West Coast Acutonics    www.Acutonics.com
Acutonics is an intergrated system of healing and education. We offer the highest quality tuning forks, hand chimes and other sound healing tools including planetary essential oils & other aromatherapy products and books. Continuing education provider for acupuncturist, massage therapists and nurses.


HarmonicSounds- Association of Sound Therapy www.harmonicsounds.com
CDs of healing music. Book with CD "Overtone Chant- the Practical Guide" now in its 2nd edition and with the explanations in 6 languages. Personal and Planetary transformation through Sound: Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard: Founders and directors. The Healing Power of Sound through a combination of voice, vocal overtones, subtle energy work and acoustic instruments such as singing bowls,monochords and tuning forks. Courses, concerts and workshops worldwide, and CDs of music for healing.


Cymatherapy International   www.cymatherapy.com
Generating specific sound frequencies to stimulate muscles, organs and bones to their natural state of resonance, the Cyma1000 uses an internationally patented delivery system combining audible sound and magnetics. The Cyma1000 is manufactured in an FDA registered facility, and is a Class I device, relieving minor aches and pains. Soon Cymatherapy International will unveil the next evolution, combining acoustic sound, magnetics, light and color.


Percussion Sculpture - Hand Crafted Gourd Instruments
Bruce Gray
Using expansive woodworking skills, these percussion instruments are crafted from a combination of wood, metal, bone, gourd, or horn. Each is beautifully perfected with old world furniture finishing methods. From soothing sounds to aid in chants and meditations, to voluminous rhythms that can hold their own in large band or drum circle settings, each of the pieces has its individual personality and voice.

Astarius www.Astarius.com
CDs and Healings with Didgeridoo, Vocal Overtones and Sonic Reiki.

Crystal Vortex
Crystals, gems, minerals, tuning forks and dowsing tools


Crystal Tones   www.crystalsingingbowls.com
Crystal Tones crystal singing bowls powerfully shift states of being and are the Number 1 tool of healing intention today. Crystal Tones is the world's largest, most innovative and award-winning manufacturer of pure quartz crystal singing bowls. New for 2007: The Diamond Series(c). Crystal Tones' Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Ruby Clear, Citrine & Laughing Buddha Series have received COVR awards. Our 29 lines of Alchemy, Classic Frosted and Practitioner bowls include Solid Gold and Platinum Frosted, Aqua 24K, Solid Gold Therapeutic, Grandmother & Grandfather, Clear, Ultra Light Frosted, Egyptian Blue, Moldavite, Indigo Clear, Color Therapy, Ocean Gold, Platinum, Tibetan Quartz Therapeutic, Androgynous and Ocean Indium Violet. 


Sound Energy Research www.soundenergy.net
Voice Analysis Hydration System
Helena Reilly
A Holographic Sound, Scalarwave & Water Technology. This evolutionay tool is the gateway to your enlightenment. After analyzing a short recording of the voice, a customized set of holographic frequencies are composed and imprinted into structured water using Scalarwave Technology.
A 45 minute session is available for $89.00. The client receives the benefit of:
- One month supply of personalized Scalarwave Structured water
- Personalized Holographic Sound CD
- Release of stress and limiting emotional patterns
- One month of deep meditation
(A limited number of private sessions with Helena will be available during the conference.)


Hand Dynamics - Integrative Hand Analysis www.HandDynamics.com
Roberta Coker MHA
Integrative Hand Analysis is a potent, non-predictive spiritual and scientific practice that provides dynamic personal insights and tools to promote powerful personal growth.
Your fingerprints, which were formed five months before you were born, hold the key to understanding who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the work you came here to accomplish, and the challenges that you came here to face. They solidly identify what is known as your specific:
Life Purpose your aptitudes, where you find your greatest fulfillment, your most powerful life path
Life Lesson your innate challenges, specific fears that can hold you back, your unique opportunities for growth
Umbrella of Consciousness your overlying perspective, the lens through which you view the world that effects every thought you have, word you say, decision you make, and action you take


Dream Weavings www.SacredToolMaker.com
Sacred Tool by Shilo Satran

Shilo's ancestor spirits have asked her be a toolmaker and to co-create with them. The ancestors come to her in her dreams, giving her the visions of what they want created. These ancestor spirits move through her hands while she works, guiding the art and moving powerful energy into the objects. Together, Shilo and her ancestors bring these power objects into being, to work with those healers called to use them.
Each exquisite gourd rattle is uniquely and individually hand crafted by Shilo as both an awesome work of art and a powerful tool of healing. 
Each and every rattle is envisioned and created through a deep visionary process.  Shilo co-creates with every rattle to bring out the true intent and personality of each these gifts of nature.  She begins by hand selecting the gourds from a completely organic gourd farm  in Southern California.  Each step in the process of  birthing a rattle anchors the intent to call forth a powerful healing tool.  From the woodburning to the painting and the turning of the handles, Shilo holds this vision and empowers the gourds. When the gourd is ready, it sings it’s song to Shilo.  Through trial and error she patiently experiences the resonance of other offerings of nature such as beans, corn, rice, and gemstones until the song of the gourd and the other offerings are in harmony. The transition from gourd to rattle is now complete!

To choose a rattle made by Shilo is a journey and experience in itself. It is an intuitive and sensory experience. To use the rattle as a Sound Healing tool is both transformative and dynamic. The empowered voice of the rattle flows freely through the practitioner to the client in support of the both the practitioner’s and client’s highest well being.


The Template    www.thetemplate.org

3-D sacred geometry jewelry and large geo forms for protection, meditation and feng shui anecdotes. Good for the home, office and/or tools for sacred geometry teachers. Come see how sacred geometry can protect you against computers, cell phone radiation and much more!  


Aura Imaging Systems
Win Aura computerized audio imaging system. Shows biofeedback parameter as a colorful field around your body. It will select a wave sound file based on biofeedback parameters.