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For More Information Contact:


David Gibson

Conference Coordinator

 (415) 777-2486







            San Francisco, CA (October 7, 2007)  - Globe Sound  Healing Institute announces the “Globe Sound Healing Conference,” May2-5, 2008 at the Clarion Hotel SFO.


The primary goal of The Globe Sound Healing Conference is to increase awareness among the general public in regard to the benefit of sound healing as a wellness tool.  We also help to further the field of sound healing by creating opportunities for communication and collaboration between attendees, sound practitioners, researchers and institutions, in addition to building bridges with the mainstream medical community.  Additionally, the Conference brings together an impressive array of industry professionals to address important issues and topics in the rapidly expanding field of sound healing, the use of natural sound healing instruments, cutting edge sound technologies, and sound in medicine.


“At this year’s event attendees will experience and interact with over 50 pioneering doctors, researchers, therapists, and  musicians in the field of sound healing” said David Gibson, Conference Director and Founder of the Globe Sound Healing Institute.  We have pre-eminent  experts of the sound healing industry at this year’s event (Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Don Estes, and David Gibson just to name a few). These knowledgeable veterans will be talking about and demonstrating how they use sound to help heal the body, mind and spirit, and attendees will be able to experience these technologies.  From simple relaxation CD’s to complex engineered sounds and experimental medical techniques, each of our experts will be showing what makes them a master in their field.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Conference workshops will focus on:  Sound and Medicine, New Sound Technologies, Natural Acoustic Sound Healing, Voice Analysis, Sound and Intuition, and Raising the Consciousness of the Planet with Sound.   In addition to the exhibitions, panels, speeches and other daytime events, there will be 3 evening concerts featuring several popular musicians in the sound healing industry in addition to musicians from the mainstream music industry.

Some of the cutting edge sound technologies
and medical equipment include: units that use the sound of the voice as a diagnostic tool, sound chairs and tables that use low frequencies to massage organs inside the body, units that use sounds, electronic stimulation, scalar waves, shape, color, electromagnetic frequencies, and magnetics to stimulate muscles, organs, bones, brain cells, and DNA.  These units can also aid in cell regeneration, pain relief, detoxification, and increased energy levels.  Other technologies include systems that infuse water with healing sounds, units that visualize the structure of sound inside the body, and Virtual Reality healing systems where you can step into a graphic of your own body then place sounds and healing visuals inside various muscles, organs, and endocrine glands,

Tickets are $435 if purchased by April 20th.   Call (415) 777-2486 or go to www.SoundHealingCenter.com/sfconf to register.  The Clarion Hotel is at 401 E. Millbrae Avenue
Millbrae, CA 94030 (650) 692-6363. Reservations 877-424-6423

If you would like more information or to request a free Press Tickets please contact

David Gibson
(415) 777-2486

About the Field of Sound Healing –
The study of the effect of sound on the mind, body and spirit.

The largest study of its kind, conducted by the National Institutes of Health, has shown that 36% of adults are turning to alternative medicine.  When you add other modalities, such as spiritual, energy or vibrational healing, the number increases to 62%.  These statistics are no surprise to the pioneers working within the emerging field of Sound Healing and PsychoAcoustics who draw from the correspondences found between music, sound, vibration, color, math, science, consciousness and human physiology to develop techniques and technologies that utilize sound and music to promote wellness in the human being.


Sound Healing is based on the understanding that all matter is vibrating at a specific frequency.   Likewise, science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon the configuration of matter itself. Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and scientist, Hans Jenny.  Jenny’s experiments demonstrate how a simple sine wave vibration (pure tone), when directed towards matter (powder, pastes and liquids), moves that matter into highly defined geometric patterns that mirror patterns found in nature.  Similarly, the studies of Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher and Doctor of Alternative Medicine, illustrate how even subtler vibrations, such as thoughts and emotions, impact the structure of substance.  Dr. Emoto placed the word “love” (written on paper) on a container of water and froze it.  Under a microscope, the frozen water revealed a beautiful, highly organized geometric pattern.  In contrast, he froze the same water using the word “hate”.  The outcome revealed frozen water that was highly disorganized, asymmetrical and chaotic in structure.


As more Americans seek alternative healing modalities that address the whole person, sound healers are putting their knowledge to work in a variety of treatments ranging from do-it-yourself techniques to the use of highly sophisticated technologies.  To begin, toning and overtone singing are do-it-yourself techniques where an individual learns to vibrate the sound of their own voice through various parts of their body to help open blocked energetic pathways, release stuck energy and decrease stress.  A cousin to acupuncture, tuning fork treatments involve the placement of vibrating tuning forks upon chakras, acupuncture and acupressure points to open blocked energy in meridian pathways of the body and restore balance in the subtle energy system.  Vibroacoustic therapy is a technique that uses low frequency sound pressure waves, blended with music, to transfer sound waves directly into the body through a table with built-in speakers. 


More technologically based treatments include the use of sophisticated equipment, such as the Neurophone, to bypass normal auditory mechanisms used by the body to provide ultrasonic neural stimulation directly to the brain.  This technique fosters a deep sense of relaxation and more importantly, has been shown to increase learning potential, mental concentration and focus.  Bio-Tuning is another sophisticated technique that utilizes the sound of an individual’s voice to create a piece of music, that when heard, entrains the individual’s brain into specific brain states such as delta, theta and alpha.  The benefits of this treatment are far reaching and include a balancing of the central nervous system, enhanced creativity and a greater sense of wellness physically, emotionally and cognitively.  Additional benefits of sound healing include: improved immune system functioning, support in achieving meditative states, pain alleviation, improved learning disabilities, help with neurological issues, increased self-awareness, the clearing of stuck emotions and the expansion of consciousness itself.


About Globe Institute

Globe Institute is a multi-faceted organization that prepares aspiring individuals for careers, and other creative pursuits, in the Recording, Media Arts and Sound Healing industries.  Established by David Gibson, author, inventor, instructor and recording engineer, Globe Institute offers classes, certificate programs, associate degrees, seminars and conferences to students and the general public throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Institute also functions as a research facility, developing and supporting new techniques and technologies for the application of music and sound in the healing arts. Also, the institute has a Sound Therapy Center that utilizes many of the aforementioned treatments to support individuals with a variety of needs and desires.



The following is a list of presenters with short bios (more detailed bios may be found online).  More details on some of the new technologies being presented at the conference follow this list of presenters.


For complete bios and photos go to

Keynote Presenters:

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A., C.N.S.T. Diplomate is a physician, scientist, educator, musician, composer, and visionary. He is Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in California. His holistic modality - Bio-Tuning® - is a global tri-body healing, personal transformation, and awakening consciousness force. He sells vibro-acoustic-visual sound chairs and table delivery systems and 60+ audio programs on CD. Visit www.neuroacoustic.org for more information.

David Gibson is the Founder and Director of Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute. He is also a Professional Recording Engineer and Producer. He has an in-depth understanding of the underlying physics of sound. David is also the author of the best selling book, "The Art of Mixing," which uses visuals to explain and show every style of mix in the world, making complex structures of mixes easily understandable. Gibson is also the inventor of the Patented, "Virtual Mixer," which uses 3D visuals of the mix to control mixing consoles and computerized mixers. He is currently working on a system where you can step into a Virtual Reality image of your own body. As you place visuals of sounds inside the body in 3D, sounds move up and down in a Sound Table so you feel the sounds inside the body exactly where you are seeing the visuals in 3D. You will be able to put sounds and corresponding Sacred Geometry images in organs, endocrine glands, muscles, and chakras. David is also currently working on a book called, "The Sound of Love."

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is a professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona and director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. He is also the Corporate Director of Development in Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona where he lectures on energy and sound healing. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and was a Professor at Yale University. Dr. Schwartz is the author of The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, the The Truth About Medium, The Energy Healing Experiments, and The Living Energy University, and has published more than four hundred scientific papers and edited eleven academic books.

Don Estes is the inventor of VibraSound music therapy systems and founder of InnerSense, Inc., a company dedicated to the research and development of transformational technologies. Don is also an author, lecturer, music therapist, and sensory resonance engineer. In addition, in partnership with psiometrics, Ltd., he has created a next generation biometric based on breath that can optimize a person's resonance.  This supercomputer software is also used to power a futuristic alembic that makes a vapor which has survived the experience of transformation rather than being charged from an outside source like coils, etc.  This new paradigm of healing enhances what's right rather than fixes what's wrong and represents the state of the art in transformational technologies. www.vibrasound.com

Don Campbell is a musician, teacher and researcher on the effects of sound and music on health, memory and consciousness. He has authored 17 books including The Mozart Effect and Harmony of Health. Don is the Director of Acoustic Activities for Aesthetic Audio Systems, which provides quality music to healthcare facilities. He is currently on the board of the American Music Research Center and Advisory Board of the Society of Arts in Healthcare.

Lisa Rafel is a sound and energy educator, spiritual counselor, gifted intuitive, singer, harmonic overtone chanter, shamanic healer and a practitioner of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. Lisa's program, "Resonate with the Soul," encourages development of the psychic senses as well as personal transformation, utilizing sound, body awareness and ancient wisdoms. Lisa teaches the use of the voice for healing at Globe Institute.

Christina Tourin is a second-generation harpist who began playing harp at the age of four. She received Music and Education degrees from the University of Vermont (B.S.) and also studied harp at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and holds a music therapy degree from Arizona State University. As an International recording artist, she performs extensively both for live audiences, radio and television. Christina performed at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont - the home of the Sound of Music original family - for 17 years. In 1982 she founded the Scottish Harp Society of America and currently is the director and founder of the International Harp Therapy Program affiliated with San Diego Hospice. In addition, she is the founder of the World Harp Orchestra. As author of books, especially notable, Harp Therapy - A Cradle of Sound, her other activities include teaching music, performing and composing music. Her artistry can be heard on 14 CD recordings which are available from PlayHarp.com and Amazon.com.

Pierre Sollier studied under Dr. Alfred Tomatis. In 1991, he opened the Mozart Center in Lafayette, California, treating many children and adults with the Tomatis Method. He also co-translated The Ear and the Voice by Dr. Tomatis.

Master Zhi Gang Sha is an extraordinary healer, advanced spiritual master and inspired teacher. He is an MD in China, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China and Canada, the founder of the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine, and New York Times best-selling author of Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality, which was the Award Winner in the Health: Alternative Medicine category of the Best Books 2006 National Book Awards. With Soul Mind Body Medicine, Master Sha teaches the Four Power Techniques: Soul Power, Mind Power, Body Power and Sound Power which uses healing mantras and vibrational healing sounds for healing.


Richard Feather Anderson is a practicing geomancer. He founded the first cross-cultural geomancy school in 1985. He has integrated his training in architecture, environmental psychology, Feng Shui, ecology, sacred geometry and ancient philosophies. He employed sacred geometry to design the Chartres labyrinth replicas for San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, and is the geomancy-feng shui consultant for Esalen Institute’s long range planning.

Joel Andrews is a harpist, composer, author, and he was the pioneer music healer in America. He tours and presents concerts and workshops worldwide. Captivating international audiences with his exquisite music for over 30 years, he has produced 33 recordings, including collaborations with Paul Horn and the Paul Winter Consort. He was presented in Town Hall, New York, with critical acclaim and has soloed with the San Francisco Symphony under Arthur Fiedler. Mr. Andrews has also recorded over 3,000 healing sessions for individual transformation and his CDs, tapes and writings, distributed world-wide, are used to support many modalities of therapy. They have provided balance, harmony, healing, and enlightenment. 500 testimonials reveal the unbelievable variety of the therapeutic effects of his beautiful music.

Astarius has been dedicated to Spiritual Work for more than thirty years. He is a Musician, Healer, Poet and Astrologer. His music is created with the intention to heal and uplift. His poetry points the way to the Higher Self. His approach to Astrology helps the client gain insight and awaken personal power. He is a Reiki Master offering personal healing sessions and all levels of Reiki Training. Over the years it has been an honor for him to serve thousands of people with his gifts.

Michele Averard - Co-director and co-founder of both the Association of Sound Therapy (Spain) and the International Association. of Sound Therapy, Michele is an internationally recognized Sound Therapist, overtone singer and singer/songwriter. She is a talented performer, with a gift for captivating audiences, and is a charismatic workshop leader. Michele has conducted courses in Healing Sound as well as Workshops for Women (Sounding the Inner Goddess) in South Africa, UK, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Spain, mainly in "The Dome" at her home on the Costa Blanca. She also offers individual healing sessions with Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments and is possibly the only Westerner to have given a treatment of Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls to a Tibetan lama. Michele plays guitar, tampura, monochord, koto, Native American flute, Tibetan Bowls and other acoustic instruments. Together with her husband and partner Nestor Kornblum she has published 8 CDs of music for healing. It was through Michele that Nestor discovered his gift for overtone singing and thus began his own journey into Sound.

Elizabeth Bauer - As a registered nurse (RN) and educator in Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Elizabeth specialized in critical care medicine before becoming a seeker of scientific truth in research. Integrating her advanced knowledge of the human biosystem as a researcher and scientist for the past 12 years; she has been a pioneer in successfully integrating research based complementary medical practices into standard medical settings in the United States. Her specialties also include applied biophysics, sports medicine (human and equine,) orthopedics, exercise therapy and bioenergetic medicine. She is well published with her co-author Dr. Anthony Fleming. What they have achieved, together, for the first time in scientific history is to give an internal structure to the photon and the phonon. Providing science with a new form of chemistry called photon chemistry-the chemistry associated with the binding energy within each atom. The truths uncovered within photon chemistry are the close connection between sound and light. Her work has been focused towards a working integrated medical science that has evolved through a physics that is beyond quantum.www.biophotonicsresearchinstitute.com www.unified physics.com

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. Zacciah has created a comprehensive 3 year certification program in the therapeutic application of sound as a healing modality. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies (www.thecenteroflight.net.) Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation. He is Director of Education at the international Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now Network of organizations working for global peace (see www.AllOneNow.org.) He also instructs in the use of , and sells musical/sound healing instruments of sacred sound cultures of the world, at <http://www.sunreed.com>www.sunreed.com

Juliet Carter, international presenter and author of The Template & Worldbridger, will be covering material ranging from the healing of the fundamental Human condition to the realignment of the cosmogenic order of the solar system. The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence that uncovers the dynamics of creation in intelligent and digestible terms as it bridges the geometric signal of light, Human bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA restoration and the morphogenetic field to reveal the implicate order of manifest existence and the fractal nature of Human consciousness within the holography of the Universe. Ultimately the Template is a solution based system that will resurrect the original Human blueprint prior to our genetic modification. The Template Model answers our concerns about the present systemic failure of Earths governing systems that have led to the obvious path of terminal decline we now experience and offers an astounding, grounded and provable model to transcend this fear-based paradigm. The Template is a dynamic interactive system that reinstates humanities resonance with the harmonic geometries of light, returning us and our planet to the holistic space/time continuum.

John Consemulder is a Dutch author, lecturer, neuropsychologist and international composer, record producer, and live artist. His current focus is an integration of electronic instruments with real instruments, percussion and vocals, combining these to an original kind of deep and multidimensional spiritual music which contains elements of the past and elements of the future (multidimensional codes). John has earned a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, and is an author of articles and a book. His book BLUEPRINT, the multidimensional reality of Creation and Manifestation contains a special music cd combined with old languages, sound healing elements, sacred spaces recordings and extraterrestrial channelings, some of which will be performed live for the first time at this conference! John lectures in subjects like psycho-neuroimmunology, the real essence and intelligence of (non-local) communication and healing, crop circles, biophotonic light research, and is especially fascinated by magnetism and fields, vibration (Cymatics), sound healing, scalar electromagnetics and the holographic and multidimensional aspects of the reality of sound, light and energy.

Vaughn Cook, OMD is the founder of ZYTO Corporation. Dr. Cook worked in complementary and alternative medicine for over 20 years. During his time in the field, he traveled across the world teaching about biofeedback applications, which integrate western and eastern medicine. He also developed two computer-based systems, including the LSA system, used by health professionals around the world. Throughout his medical career, Dr. Cook owned and operated health care facilities specializing in holistic health. With his clinical background, he developed equipment with the mindset of a health care professional. The combination of his health and business backgrounds resulted in the development of technology that is clinically effective and financially practical.

Amrita Cottrell is a classically trained vocal musician, and has studied theology and music at a seminary. Amrita received her B.A. in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in Vermont in 2001 as an independent scholar. Amrita uses the crystal bowls, bells, chimes, drums and rattles along with her healing voice in working with individuals and groups. She is also the founder of the Healing Music Organization.

Mandara Cromwell - President, Cymatherapy® International studied Sanskrit chant, Bija mantras, and meditation. She collaborated Dr. Peter Guy Manners. She has spearheaded the release of the Cyma®1000, which generate specific sound frequencies to stimulate muscles, organs and bones to their natural state of resonance. She shows the phenomenal proof of healing with audible sound frequencies by utilizing diagnostic ultrasound, EEG, MRI, thermography, and x-ray's.

Maestro Curtis has three Bachelors Degrees and two Masters Degrees in areas of Piano and Vocal Music, Music Theory/Orchestration and Arranging, and Philosophy. He has produced albums with Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire and has performed with such artists as Peabo Bryson, The Ojay’s, George Benson, and The Count Basie Orchestra. Maestro teaches Music Theory from a PsychoAcoustic Perspective at Globe Institute and has also developed and implemented a therapy program funded by United Way for the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Stuart Grace Greene is a biophysicist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally trained in physics, his passion has always been the exploration of human consciousness. In the 1970s, before the fusion of science and spirituality became popular in our culture, Stuart lived and trained in a Zen Buddhist community - believing that the study of science and the distillation of the spirit were convergent paths towards the same essential unity. Stuart also ran a school where he taught an in-depth program of "Visionary Healing" combining subtle manual therapies with biological, bioenergetic, and psycho-spiritual healing work. After years of exploring subtle energy phenomena, Stuart discovered a similarly subtle level of biology in the research of Antoine BÈ champ, Gunther Enderlein, Royal Rife, and others. He was inspired by these great scientists, but mindful of the fact that their theories (which reached as far back as the mid-1800s) needed to be revised in light of modern understanding of molecular, cellular, genetic, and evolutionary biology. The resulting synthesis of ideas forms the core of the new science of health called EcoBiotics.

Steven Halpern is an internationally-acclaimed composer, master musician, producer, author and pioneering sound healer. His award-winning recordings radiate energies of†relaxation, joy and peace that assist us in attuning to the quantum field of universal consciousness. Millions worldwide have experienced the blessings of benefits of sound healing simply by listening. Since l975, Steven has been a recognized authority in the field and a passionate voice bringing the concept of sound healing to the mainstream through his recordings,writings and national major market media appearances. He is a founding father of New Age/ ambient music who has sold more (over 6 million) relaxing, meditative and healing albums than any other living composer. He has written over 55 articles and a syndicated monthly column(now ezine) for over 20 years. Visit him at www.innerpeacemusic.com to experience the music, read his ezine, and book concerts and workshops.

Daniel Kobialka, Violinist, Composer, Arranger and Producer, Principal Second Violin for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for over two decades, performed his first concert at the age of eight, made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall in 1963 to critical acclaim, and has subsequently performed as soloist with the orchestras of Boston, Atlanta, and Oakland. Over the past two decades, Daniel has released an extremely popular series featuring some of the most beautiful melodies in classical repertoire. His music is used widely in hospitals.

Nestor Kornblum (South Africa) is a co-director and co-founder of the Association of Sound Therapy (Spain), and the International Association of Sound Therapy (I.A.S.T.). He is a sound therapist and overtone singer of international repute, today working and conducting courses worldwide. He has been interviewed numerous times on TV, radio and in the press, and has written articles both in English and Spanish on sound as a healing modality. Together with his wife and partner in sound Michêle Averard he has published several CDs of music for healing, meditation and relaxation. His new instruction book with CD, Overtone Chant: the Practical Guide has recently been published and has received critical acclaim from therapists and musicians in many countries. Nestor is able, employing a variety of techniques for amplifying the harmonics or pure frequencies within the voice, to sing two, three or even 4 simultaneous sounds, with a span of 5 octaves. This knowledge has enabled him to give master classes on vocal harmonics at several universities. He has performed concerts together with Michêle in Sacred Music Festivals, festivals devoted to the Healing Arts, in Cathedrals and churches all over Europe, and World Music festivals. H.H. Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have been among members of their audience.

Susan Hale is a music therapist, singer and author of Song and Silence: Voicing the Soul and her new book "Sacred Space, Sacred Sound" about her research and experiences singing throughout the world including at Chartres Cathedral, Stonehenge, Avebury, Newgrange and the prehistoric cave of Lascaux. Susan has a degree in Creative Arts Therapy and is a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery. She teaches people how to find and free the natural voice throughout the United States, Britain and Canada. A pioneer in the fields of music therapy, creative arts therapy and sound healing since the mid-70's she has been at the forefront of exploring music, sound, voice, word and image as healing arts. As Director of the Songkeeper Apprenticeship she has acted as a midwife to access the hidden voices of her students. Susan's background as a trainer in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery and teacher of Archetypal Psychology grounds her in guiding people through mythic realities for personal growth and creative exploration. She is an innovative and dynamic leader whose joy and sensitivity help even the shyest people to express themselves more authentically. She has led pilgrimages to sacred sites in Britain and the Southwest.

Dr. Arthur Harvey is internationally known as an authority in music for special needs individuals, music and the brain, music and learning, and music and health. Dr. Harvey's broad background in music education has included experience as a concert and marching band director, orchestra conductor, choir director, recording artist, University Professor, general and special education music education teacher, a speaker and consultant in the fields of Music and Education as well as Music for Health Services/Therapy/Medicine. Dr. Harvey has been a member of ACDA, ALCM, HMEA, MENC and the International Society for Music in Medicine. He is featured on a 7 show video series, Music and the Brain, released a 2 CD set of Music for Health and Wellness, and co-authored a book and CD, Learn With The Classics. A recent book, A Journey Of Explanation: A Roadmap To Understanding Music & The Brain covers his research on music and the brain. He has published many articles, authored chapters in several books, and coauthored several training manuals in music for special needs individuals.

Laurie Herron has been practicing healing work for 17 years. During that time she has developed her own unique techniques of using sound and vibration to access intuitive information from the higher self.† She uses shamanistic influences and guide work in order to help facilitate transformation on the material and soul levels. Laurie has been teaching Acutonics in the greater Bay Area for 5 years and has a private practice at the Bancroft Center of Chinese Medicine. She is senior faculty of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC and is also a co-partner of West Coast Acutonics in Berkeley California.

David Hickey - Based in Mount Hope, Ontario, David performs with over 20 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in combination with 8 Paiste Gongs and Chimes. Each gong features a strong fundamental note tuned to represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the other planets. David also performs with other beautiful organic instruments that add the finishing touches to an amazing performance.† The intent of a performance is to create beautiful improvised, meditative and healing music. David has been touring Canada coast to coast the past five years and have performed over 400 shows and have released 5 CD's.† Crystal Journey has dedicated it's intention for the music to help raise awareness to our environment and such social causes as Tibet and Burma and has raised funds for various charities as well- The Monks of the Gomang Monastery, Indonesian Tsunami Relief, churches and more.

Alan Howarth is a professional Hollywood music composer and sound designer. His award winning credits include all six Star Trek feature films, The Hunt for Red October, Poltergeist, Back to the Future II & III, Stargate, and The Little Mermaid. Alan has personally confirmed Wes Bateman's research, which is the foundation of RA music frequencies by traveling to Egypt and the Mayan Temples in Mexico. Alan is the founder, president and Creative Director of RA music and SoundPix technologies.

Howard Martin (Heartmath) brings more than 30 years of experience in business and personal development to the position of Executive Vice President, Strategic Development. Howard's responsibilities include global alliances, marketing, and program and product development. Howard has been instrumental in assisting Doc Childre in the development and teaching of HeartMath's programs since its inception. He speaks internationally on the HeartMath approach to advancing human performance that is based on compelling scientific research--linking heart function with health, emotional well-being and intelligence. Howard is co-author with Doc Childre of The HeartMath Solution, published in 2000 by Harper San Francisco. He also developed Nightingale-Conant's tape series, "The HeartMath Method."

Katie Mink, L.Ac. has been licensed to practice acupuncture in California since 1987. She is the owner and Director of the Bancroft Center of Chinese Medicine in Berkeley, where she specializes in omens health, Acutonics, nutrition, and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Katie received her acupuncture degree from the San Francisco College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in 1987 and furthered her studies in China at the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has also practiced acupuncture in India at the Meher Free Dispensary, Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. Katie is senior faculty and a member of the Advisory Group of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC. She and Laurie Herron are co-partners of West Coast Acutonics.

Silvia Nakkach M.A.,MMT; is an award-winning composer, a psychologist, a singer, a recording artist, and an author. She is an internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural music therapy training, and a pioneer in the field of sound, transformation of consciousness, and music shamanism. She has created the curriculum and is the academic advisor for the new certificate program on Sound, Voice and Music Healing at CIIS. Nakkach is also the founding director of the international Vox Mundi School of the Voice and The Yoga of the Voice™ training. Silvia has devoted 26 years to the study of the art of raga singing under the direction of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and has been involved in clinical research in the areas of micro-tonal singing and systematic uses of the voice to induce emotional healing, creating an innovated repertoire of cross-cultural vocal techniques that become a landmark in the field of sound, music therapy, and voice coaching. She was named by Utne Reader magazine as one of forty cutting-edge artists that will shake the art world in the new millennium, For more information visit: www.voxmundiproject.com

Steven Sklar is a sound healer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist based in Minneapolis. A longtime associate of the famed Tuvan ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu, he is the leading teacher and performer of Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing) and Tibetan low-voice chordal chanting voice in the western hemisphere, and has taught around the world, including the US, Canada, Finland, Mexico, and Taiwan. In addition to teaching and sound healing, he performs on guitar, didgeridoo, Himalayan metalophones, the Tuvan igil (horsehead fiddle), and other exotic instruments, both as a soloist and as leader of the ensembles Big Sky and the Overtone Orchestra. He also studied and worked extensively with the Tuvan throat-singing shaman N. Oorzhak. Steve works with "internal sounds, the sounds not heard by our ears", and their roles/actions in creating and maintaining energy blockages, along with the use of sounds and related programming techniques to overcome illness patterns and their causes. Visit and listen to Steve online at <http://www.globerecording.com/man/lt/t_go.php?i=206&e=NjUzNw==&l=http://khoomei.com>http://khoomei.com

Silvina Vergara is a holistic counselor, conscious guide, educator, singer, minister, dance instructor, and she incorporates dance, drama and movement composition to her training. She plays the singing crystal bowls and brings more than twenty years of experience in the areas of energy work, self development, movement and voice. Silvina has had extensive training in performing arts, creative movement and metaphysics. Silvina holds a certification in sound healing and has completed a training in Sahuka, a synthesis on high Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. She is currently a radio hostess in self awareness and spiritual growth for the Hispanic community. She is also working as a facilitator in stress management for San Francisco General Hospital for a special program for cancer patients. In her sessions she incorporates past life work, vibrational healing massage, breath and emotional work in order to facilitate a greater awareness of oneself, enhancing vitality and sense of well being. "Integrating these healing modalities is a reflection of my Healing Process, bringing a profound connection to my heart."

Beverly Ann Wilson, Crystal Bowl Master Alchemist, has participated in the Well-Care aspects of medicine and healing modalities of tone, movement and color since the early 1970's. At The Crystal Room in Mt Shasta she joined with Crystal Tones, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2002. The consciousness of Crystal Tones' Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls (i.e. Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Ruby) integrated her energetic understanding of the mineral kingdom and sound healing. Crystal Tones at Mount Shasta was created. As a Crystal Bowl Master Alchemist she has participated in the inspiration and creation of the Citrine and Kyanite Bowls and all the multi-mineral vibrational Alchemy Bowl combinations. At Crystal Tones at Mount Shasta one can experience every kind of Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl in existence. There she teaches, gives workshops, group alignments and individual vibrational healing sessions.

Cutting Edge Sound Technologies and Medical Devices
• Voice Analysis Technologies –
There are a number of systems on the market that use the sound of the voice and breath to provide a diagnosis on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of individuals, as well as the status of each organ. Various sound remedies are then prescribed.

• VibroAcoustic Sound Chairs and Tables – Healing frequencies fill your body as you relax on a special sound table equipped with low frequency transducers. The treatment which uses sinusoidal, low frequency (30 - 120 Hz) sound pressure waves, blended with music, to transfer sound waves directly into the body through a vibroacoustic table. This technique is helpful for a wide variety of issues including muscle relaxation, increased circulation and pain reduction. This therapy accesses and frees areas of the physical and emotional bodies where we can often carry tension or stress.

• Electronic Nerve Stimulation – Use of microcurrents within the body to stimulate cells within the brain, muscles, organs, and ears for optimum functionality

• Water Sound Infusion Systems - Don Estes, Patrick Flanagan, and Dr. Emoto - Various methods of using sound to change the structure of water so that cells not only easily absorbs the water, but helps facilitate the transmission of healing aspects of the water into the body.

• Sound Visualization systems – Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). For 14 years he conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. You see a physical representation of vibration, or how sound manifests into form through the medium of various materials.

Neurophone - Bypasses normal auditory mechanisms used by the body to provide ultrasonic neural stimulation directly to the brain.  This process facilitates grounding, relaxation, increased learning potential and increased concentration and focus.

Bio-Tuning - A global tri-body healing, personal transformation, and awakening consciousness. A therapy that utilizes physical vibrations from the sound of your own voice to heal your body. A computer analysis of your recorded voice identifies the primary sound frequency that will resonate and balance brain function. Muscle testing is used to confirm that the frequency has a strengthening effect on the individual.  The recorded sound of the person’s voice is raised and lowered one octave to create a three-octave symphony of the person’s voice.  The resonant frequency is lowered mathematically, approximately three octaves, and split into binaural beat frequencies that are tuned to a specific brainwave state (delta, theta, or alpha).  The binaural beats and three-octave symphony of the person’s own voice are mixed with nature sounds and played back through a sound table or chair for about 45 minutes.  The person is entrained into the brainwave state tuned to their own resonant frequency. This technique is useful for balancing the central nervous system, enhancing creativity and promoting physical, emotional and cognitive health.

• The X-1 Healing Machine by Dr. Fred Bell uses holographic sound, which puts in concert every cell and atom in the DNA helix.

• The Cyma®1000 by Cymatherary International generates specific sound frequencies to stimulate muscles, organs and bones to their natural state of resonance.

• Virtual reality healing systems by David Gibson – Virtual Reality graphics of various internal systems such as muscular, endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous system, and chakras – that you can step into.  You can then look down and see a graphic of your heart, for example.  You then can take visuals of sounds and place them inside your body.  As you do so, a corresponding sound is moved up and down on a sound table so you feel the sound inside of your body, precisely where you are seeing it. 

•  Infratonics – Dr. Richard Lee - Tools that combine shape, color, electromagnetic frequencies, magnetics and many different materials to affect energetic shifts in environments for health and growth, by producing unpredictable signals in the infrasonic ranges of specific brain wave rhythms, Infratonic equipment relieves pain and accelerates recovery by breaking up traumatic cellular patterns that cause production of inflammatory chemicals. The two main intents of Infratonic signals are to increase cooperation between cells and to bridge between analytical consciousness and the rhythms of the heart;

•  Alternative frequency based therapeutic devices utilizing sound, light, magnetics, and microcurrent electrical stimulation. The neuroscience of acoustically resonant structures of the body, and its effect on brain wave and ultradian biorhythms.

• Scalar wave EESystem - Generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, pain relief, detoxification, and increased energy levels


Other Sound Treatments

•  Sound and Music to Induce Desired States of Being - On the most basic level, music has been used for years to help support relaxation, meditation, the reduction of stress and to generally shift people into a better state of mind. Medical science has proven that a decrease in stress and tension strengthens the human immune system.  There is a large market for CD’s that use both sound and music to assist people with specific healing goals.

• Toning, Chanting and Overtone Singing  - A powerful technique used for clearing is learning to resonate your body with your own voice. Chanting and toning are techniques for vibrating different areas of the body through singing. Overtone singing connects you to the harmonic structure of sound found throughout nature and the universe.  Not only does toning, chanting and overtoning provide a deeper awareness of the way sound resonates naturally throughout the body, once you learn how, you possess an inexpensive do-it-yourself wellness technique!

• Drumming and Rhythm - Individual and group drumming have many positive effects on human beings such as increased self expression, release of tension, connection to personal power and a sense of connectedness with others.

• Sound to Improve Learning Disabilities - Sound is currently being used to help correct certain learning disabilities in children. There are numerous clinics around the world that use the research of Dr. Tomatis to stimulate the brain and nervous system. For example, The Listening Program uses his technique of rolling off low frequencies in classical music until only the high frequencies remain. Once complete, all the frequencies are rolled back in until the full audio spectrum is again heard. Research has shown that using this technique over a few weeks significantly aids in the reduction of learning disabilities.

• Sound Surgery - In medical applications, there exists a wide variety of techniques that range from simple sound massage of organs to what is termed “sound surgery” where sound is utilized inside the body to achieve very specific results, including the use of sound to break up gall stones and other diseases.

• Root Frequency Entrainment - We believe that every human being possesses a fundamental root frequency that their system vibrates at.  Once identified, we use various technologies to feed this root frequency back into your system. Consciously experiencing your root frequency throughout your entire body and psyche enables you to become more grounded and centered. When working with your own root frequency, it becomes a stable, constant grounding and centering vibration that protects you.  As the frequency strengthens and deepens within you, you will be better equipped to handle anything that has the potential to throw you off center such as conflict, charged emotion, trauma, frustration and fear.

• Tibetan/Crystal Bowl Massage - A deeply relaxing treatment which uses the soothing sounds of Tibetan and crystal bowls to massage the body and clear blocked energy patterns.

• Tuning Fork Treatments - Precisely calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific points -- chakras, acupuncture and acupressure points on the body -- to balance the meridian and chakra energy systems.  Applying vibration to specific areas is useful in freeing blocked energy and opening meridian channels in the body so that a natural state of balance can be restored.  This treatment stimulates and balances the body's physical and subtle energy fields in order to promote healing and inner harmony.

• Chakra Balancing - A therapy that combines several sound healing modalities to create a customized, crafted CD that is tuned to the specific root frequency of the individual.  This CD restores balance to the chakra energy system and creates a feeling of well being within the individual.

• HydroAcoustic Therapy - This treatment allows the individual to experience the synergistic effects of vibroacoustics in combination with the soothing effects of warm water. Low frequencies and music are transmitted into a specially designed hot tub creating a "total immersion experience" that is up to 5 times more powerful than traditional vibroacoustic techniques.