Free VibroAcoustic Sound Table Experiences
There will be numerous VibroAcoustic sound tables throughout the facility, and attendees will have a chance to experience a wide range of therapeutic and consciousness raising sounds.

There will be a large array of booths displaying the latest in Sound and Energy Healing Services, and new technologies.



7:30 AM - Sound and Movement

9:00 AM - Opening Ceremony - Silvina Vergara and David Gibson

10:00 AM - Opening Keynote - Jeffrey Thompson - Scientific Sound Healing in he 21st Century
In taking guess work out of sound healing, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson will address how his scientific sound technology, crystallized in his awesome holistic modality – Bio-Tuning – a global tri-body healing, personal transformation and awakening consciousness force, balances the autonomic nervous system and entrains brainwaves and states of consciousness for stress reduction, advanced healing, emotional release, mega-learning, expanded consciousness and ecstatic meditation. Enjoy as you experience various states with his beautiful and effective audio programs on CDs. These and his vibro-acoustic-visual products are available to the public and used worldwide in research, clinics, spas, businesses and homes by those truly interested in health and wellness.

11:30 AM - Beverly Ann Wilson - Crystal Bowls
Beverly will explain the basic structure of various alchemical bowls. The Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls merge the conscious transmissions of these gems and minerals through the expression of Tone and energetic alignment.  Beverylley will explain the process for creating the alchemical line of bowls (Rose Quartz, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Citrine, Kyanite, 24K Gold, Platinum, and Amethyst.  She will explain how the bowls affect our physical bodies (including organs, structural alignment, and glandular systems) and subtle bodies (including chakras and light bodies), as well as using bowls to assist us in remembering our multi-dimensional alignments.

11:30 AM - Richard Feather Anderson - Harmonics You Can See & Touch: Matter, Art & Architecture as Frozen Music
What is sacred geometry all about - and why should we care? It makes it possible for existence to exist. Geometry is the universe’s secret way to turn energy into matter and guide the growth of all organisms. Re-discover what the ancients knew, that the harmonics of sound, space and matter follow the same laws, which can be used to create harmony between all the parts of any creation, like in a well-tuned orchestra. Read the hidden symbolic messages in the geometry of cathedrals and temples, and gain clues about their potential consciousness-changing uses. Understand why geometry is essential knowledge to create environments that feed the human soul and connect us with the Cosmos.

11:30 AM - John Consemulder - The Blueprint of Reality: sound, light and energy in a holographic and multidimensional universe
Building a bridge between spiritual, esoteric, scientific and multidimensional approaches to sound, light and energy. Sound, vibration and energy are involved with (scalar) electromagnetism, geometry and even with our DNA, our thoughts, emotions, intentions and consciousness!  New scientific findings show that our fundamental assumptions about the 'very stubborn illusion we call reality' are wrong or incomplete. We are at the beginning of a true understanding of physical reality and the blueprint behind the matrix of our limited three dimensional perception. Understanding of the multidimensional, holographic and musical blueprint principles of creation and manifestation, will lead to the unfolding of the real image of the 'real reality'!

2:15 PM - Keynote - Lisa Rafel - What is Your Sound Doing to You?
Each of us lives in a world of Sound. For the healer, sound is a critical element of their capacity to do service. Whether being used as a healing modality or in speaking, singing, and presenting, the quality of our sound is not only affecting others, it affects our self. How do we prepare so that we are the right vessel for the sound to come through? How do we use intentionality to create the impact that we desire? Through demonstration, lecture and experiential techniques, Lisa will present a model of self-aware embodiment that will benefit both healer and client.

3:45 PM - Steve Sklar - Using the Voice to Send Energy in the Body for Self Healing
Attendees will learn to scan their bodies and energy systems with their voice, and to direct energy where they need it. Vocal harmonics can then be used to fine-tune the energy, or to set up a range within the body for healing. This technique can also be used to send energy to others, as in distance healing. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. No singing experience is required.

3:45 PM - Stuart Grace Greene - A BioPhysical Model of Healing
Music of the Quantum Spheres – How Resonance Creates Consciousness

Bay Area biophysicist Stuart Grace Greene explains the history and fundamental concepts of quantum physics and developmental ecology through clear and entertaining analogies, illuminating a rigorous synthesis of science and spirit that’s as accessible as it is revolutionary. Music of the Quantum Spheres introduces Quantum EcoBiotics (QEB), a biophysical model that successfully explains how consciousness lives in physical form. QEB demonstrates that consciousness is actually composed of two radically different “minds” – the familiar, computer-like mind made of neurons and a much older, literally infinite mind made of harmonically interacting quantum resonances – in effect, an exquisite form of sub-atomic music.

3:45 PM - Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Scientific Sound Healing
Detailed continuation of above Keynote.

5:15 PM - Keynote - Don Estes - Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration
Workshop focused on the latest discoveries in vibrational science presented by Don Estes, inventor of VibraSound music therapy systems and founder of InnerSense, Inc., a company dedicated to the research and development of transformational technologies.  Don is also an author, lecturer, music therapist, and sensory resonance engineer.  The new “big picture” revealed in his recent book and chart will be the focus of this workshop/presentation.


7:30 AM - Sound and Movement - Silvina Vergara

9:00 AM - Keynote - David Gibson - Resonant Frequencies
David will explain the basic fundamental structure of resonance and how to use a frequency sweep to find a resonant frequency. We will then explore how to use your voice and intuition to find the resonant frequency in spaces (rooms, temples, body cavities, mouth, throat, chest, veins), and in materials (instruments, blood, skin, bones, and organs). We will then learn how to find the resonant frequency of a stuck emotion or disease. Finally, we will experience how to find your own resonant frequency (Root/Soul Frequency) and the resonant frequency of etheric fields, chakras, love (personal and spiritual), joy, gratitude, spirit, and God.

10:30 AM - Sound and Research - Amrita Cottrell, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Garret Yount
This panel brings together a wide range of individuals involved in performing Research in the field. The panel will discuss the research currently being done in the field and how to obtain grants and other types of funding.

10:30 AM - Nestor Kornblum & Michele Averard - Overtone Chant and Vocal Harmonics
An experiential workshop by one of Europe's foremost overtone singers and teachers.  The theory of overtone singing, it's uses as a healing tool, as well as the basic techniques will be clearly transmitted. Harmonics are demonstrated as Quantum physics and Sacred Geometry-in-motion. Everyone will gain transformational sonic tools to practice in daily life, and inspirational insights into Harmonics as a Cosmic Unifying Law governing all matter and energy. Everybody will sing overtones! No musical knowledge is necessary.

10:30 AM - Joel Andrews - Sound, Music and Angels
No technology, just an incredible Harpist who brings angels with him.

Join us as we consider many facets of the therapeutic use of sound. Mr. Andrews will share concepts, knowledge, systems, and hands-on techniques garnered from 30 years of dedicated work, which have catalyzed many miracles. We will experience improvized, “co-created” music on the harp and discuss our responses. Then, we will explore the following subjects:
- How does a Tone, or Music, Heal?
- The Wide Spectrum of Effects: Case Histories taken from his 3000 Clients
- Mr. Andrews’ Process of Co-creating with “Higher Beings and Forces”
- Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Telepathy
- The Deeper and Higher Symbolism for the the Elements of Sound and Music

1:30 PM - Mandara Cromwell and Elizabeth Bauer - Sound and Medicine Workshop

Mandara Cromwell - The three most powerful healing energies in the Universe are the frequencies of sound, light and magnetics!
Magnetic fields align our cells’ components into the “receiving” mode
• Sound energy’s atomic motion shapes our DNA’s unique symphonic geometry
• Light is energy, and transfers this energy to our cells
In this presentation Mandara shows visible proof of healing by combining the three greatest energy fields in the Universe in one modality. Cymatherapy® represents the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners who began the exploration of sound as a healing modality in the 1960s. Manners worked for decades, in collaboration with a group of scientists and medical doctors, to formulate the biosignatures and healing frequencies for each part of the body. See the geometry of five acoustic frequencies in union with the energy spectrum of color and a dynamic magnetic field that inductively links with the cells’ to regenerate tissue and relieve pain.

Elizabeth Bauer - Through her innovative and graphically beautiful imagery techniques in PowerPoint, Elizabeth Bauer will reveal the cutting edge science of applied biophysics. Envision how photon-phonon coupling creates the sub atomic blueprint for healthy cells through photon chemistry. Take a look beyond quantum that will show you how sound creates shape from our physical world to our healthy cells in repeatable patterns with no uncertainty. Prepare your senses for the visual cell symphony that resonates the universal harmony within us all!
• The photon and phonon - light and sound in the biosystem—how the physics of the sacred geometry of human cells, as well as forms found in nature, function as energy storage/delivery systems of
acousticooptical energy.
• Photon and phonon coupling-gluon memory and our DNA - how this physics theory effects your health and well being in shifting energy states.
• The soliton wave-delivery of sound and light through the biosystem
- pathways of energy delivery in the human body.
• The transmission of acoustic waves by neurons-recent scientific evidence that nerves use sound not electricity -science now supports ancient healing practices.
• The acupuncture meridians as pathways of acoustic transmission -recent scientific evidence of these healing pathways of sound.
• Putting it all together -sound and light transmission through the biological system and healthy DNA replication.

1:30 PM - New Sound Healing Technologies Workshop - Alan Howarth, Don Estes, Helena Reilly, Vaughn Cook
There are a wide range of new powerful technologies that are being developed for healing and personal transformation. This new power brings with it an extraordinary amount of responsibility. Some of the techniques include:
• Finding the frequency of your system and organs in order to resonate them into healthy functioning.
• Environmental Restoration - Using sonic technology to clean up air and water on Earth.
• 3D Sounds and Visuals inside the body to alleviate conditions, promote optimal functioning, and connect to spirit.
• Synchronized sound, light, and Virtual Reality experiences to create a new generation of transformational entertainment.
• Using Voice Analysis techniques to acquire information about a person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to facilitate the alleviation of an illness or promote optimal functioning.

1:30 PM - Arthur Harvey - Music As Therapy - The Why's What's and How's!
Through media, demonstration, and participatory musical experiences we will explore the diverse and powerful applications of Music As Therapy.  Developing an understanding of  physiological effects of music will assist in strengthening advocacy efforts.

3:15 - Keynote - Christina Tourin - Sound, Music and Harp Therapy Empowers our Creativity during Changing Times
Falling under the theme of Healing Therapies, Christina Tourin, director of the International Harp Therapy Program based at San Diego Hospice in CA, outlines the Five qualities of Individualized Therapeutic Music as employed by Harp Practitioners working in Hospices and Hospitals throughout the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. Learn how the moods are created and their effect upon the listener. The concept of Resonance and vibratory energies will be discussed and attendees will have the opportunities to experience different vibrations in their physical bodies. The harp is also used as an empowering tool and Christina will show members of the audience how easy it is to create music on the small harp interacting with patients.  Of special interest is how we combine the music with massage and aromatherapy - find out which essences and sounds are conducive to releasing human emotions. This workshop is for all people interested in the power of music upon the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our bodies and for people wishing to experience the sound of the harp. 

5:00 PM - Sound and Medicine Panel - Mandara Cromwell, Elizabeth Bauer, Stuart Grace Greene, Arthur Harvey
Just about everybody in the field of PsychoAcoustics and Sound Healing has had a glimpse of how powerful sound really is. Sound is finally reaching the threshold of mainstream acceptance due to the successful clinical applications and research of many sonic pioneers. As teachers, healers, and scientists we are all aware that the medical establishment, in it’s current form, cannot provide a comprehensive solution to the world’s struggling healthcare needs. We believe that innovations in alternative medicine, particularly in the field of PsychoAcoustics, can help bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern technology to create practical and sustainable solutions that provide highly effective treatment at a fraction of the cost. With a little effort, these solutions can be integrated into mainstream awareness, and eventually create comprehensive lifestyle solutions that will raise the consciousness of our entire planet.


7:30 AM - Sound and Movement

9:00 AM - Master Zhi Gang Sha - Bring Out Your Soul Song for Healing, Blessing and Rejuvenation
Soul Song is the voice of your own soul. It is your own soul mantra. Soul song has extraordinary power for healing, prevention of sickness, rejuvenation, prolonging life and transforming every aspect of life, including relationships, business and finances.
Why is your soul song so powerful? Soul Song carries soul frequency. Song directly communicates with Divine and souls in the soul world. Soul song can directly offer healing and blessings to other souls. Soul song carries love, forgiveness, compassion and light for healing and rejuvenation. Heal the soul first, then the healing of the mind and body will follow!
In this profound workshop you will learn and experience:

· What is Soul Song and What Makes Soul Song So Powerful
· How to Bring Out Your Own Soul Song
· How to Apply Soul Song for Healing, Rejuvenation and Life Transformation
· How to Transform the Consciousness of Humanity and All Souls with Soul Song

10:30 AM - Steven Halpern - Secrets of Sound Healing: Attuning to the Space Between the Notes and the Silence beyond Sound
Sharing his unique and unrivalled perspective based on over 38 years exploring the mysteries of sound, healing and spirit, Steven will guide participants into a deeper understanding of universal truths and their individual perception and reception of the cosmic  musical matrix. Experiential meditations to balance the chakras (based on his internationally-acclaimed CHAKRA SUITE CD) and suggestions to get into the spaces between the notes more easily and immediately. Steven will also share the results of his landmark research involving Kirlian photography, live blood cell analysis and intention which proved and documented the healing results of listening to his music.

10:30 AM - Susan Hale - Exploring Sacred Space and Sound
In our world of sound, hearing is the first sense to develop and the last to leave at death. Ancient people recognized the importance of sound and sought out resonant caves to perform rituals. Later temples and churches were built to enhance sound and music for the purpose of expanding consciousness.
We will journey across space and time via images and sounds, including the cymatic cubes at Rosslyn Chapel; Chartres Cathedral; prehistoric painted caves; the Michael and Mary lines in Britain; and the world's most extraordinary sonic temples.

10:30 AM - Silvia Nakkach M.A., MMT - Voice as the Breath of God: The Source, The Practice and The Offering
Sound is God, and Music is the picture of the Beloved that raises the soul of man higher than religion”. Inayat Khan
The voice through breath and sound opens the inner pathways of energy. As we surrender through devotional chanting, we’ll experience Sound as the Creator (Nada Brahma), God becomes our Mind—infusing our consciousness with inner bliss, contagious joy, loving kindness, and a sense of reverence to the Divine presence. We experience God as a fierce impulse to live and love. It’s feels like magical healing. In this exhilarating sound journey, Silvia will introduce the Yoga of the Voice™, an innovative repertoire of sound and vocal techniques that have become landmarks in the field of music therapy, sound healing, education, and music shamanism. You’ll experience a repertoire of sacred sounds and chants from the traditions of Bhakti Yoga, Tibetan, Medieval ,and Siberian musical divinations, mantras and ragas accompanied by gentle body gestures (mudras), and shamanic songs from Afro-Brazilian and Amazon traditions. For more information: www.voxmundiproject.com

1:30 - Keynote - Patricia Sun - Unifying Sound: the global leap for humanity linking mind body and Spirit
Patricia's sounds create a new Creativity -- The union of intuition and logic; a transcendent union of left and right brain.

We all know, at some level, that great changes are coming: whether they are healthy changes is our choice. For over three decades, Patricia Sun has called this time an "Evolutionary leap", which is being born now, within us all. She has modeled, empowered, and explained to over a third of a million people as well as to many of today"s human potential leaders in detail what it takes to claim our integration.

Patricia is still at the "growing edge" and exemplifies how deeply awake we can be and what happens when we respond to people authentically and with respect. Her sounds and what she has to say are profoundly healing and unique. Her honesty is powerful, kind, and personal. Patricia thinks a new style of thinking is being evolved that transforms our bodies and our relationships and brings us into a new state of consciousness. Her sounds transform. Humanity"s genius and purpose are unleashed as spirit and logic join. It is our own authenticity that creates the birth of global Harmony We heal the planet as we heal ourselves.

3:15 - Keynote - Gary Schwartz Ph.D. - Experiments in Energy Healing: Applications for Sound Therapy
Are we all energy healers? Dr. Schwartz will discuss his latest research and book The Energy Healing Experiments: Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Health, and will highlight new applications to Sound Healing. 

5:00 PM - Keynote - Pierre Sollier - Title: Sound, Psychology and the Tomatis Method.
Alfred Tomatis is one of the twentieth century pioneers in the field of sound therapy.  He taught that music and sounds are powerful forces that change perception, alter behavior, enhance learning and increase wellness. In fact, our way of listening to the world and to ourselves defines who we are, even though we are mostly unconscious of the process at work. The workshop will emphasize the different parameters leading to good listening; describe the impact of those parameters on child and adult development; and, finally, identify the listening psychological personality profiles that we carry within ourselves without being aware most of the time on their impact on our lives.


7:30 AM - Sound and Movement - Silvina Vergara

9:00 AM - Keynote - Don Campbell - Making Sound Work for You
Everything in the body - the blinking of eyes, breath and heartbeat - is vibration and pattern. From drumming to chanting to deep ritual, music releases pain and brings us joy and inspiration. In this experiential keynote, Don Campbell will show you how to use music and sound as energetic tools to help you focus, concentrate and relax. Using color and geometric forms in concert with your voice and music, you will make new sonic discoveries to harmonize your mind, body and spirit.

10:30 AM - Natural Sound Healing Instruments - David Hickey, Daniel Kobialka, Astarius
Natural sound healing instruments are ancient and powerful tools for shifting vibration to a higher level. We will discuss the various applications of Sound Healing using the voice, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and many other natural sound healing instruments. We will discuss the importance and power of intention in the healing environment.

10:30 AM - New Sound and Energy Medicine Technology - Stuart Grace Greene, Vaughn Cook, Harry Massey
There is a whole new realm of Technology in Medicine that uses electronic frequencies to "ping" various organs, and systems within the body. A Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) unit is used to pick up the responses. Representatives from Gtech, Zyto, Biomeridian, QXCI, Ondamed, Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES) will discuss the state of the field.

1:30 PM - Howard Martin - Heartmath - Activating the Energetic Heart
Consider this. What if you could easily...
1. Increase access to intuition 
2. Enhance creativity
3. Add potency to your intentions
4. Gain control of your emotions
5. Improve health, vitality and longevity

You can, simply by accessing the amazing power of the heart to connect with more of your spirit and create a coherent alignment of emotions, mind and body. Join Howard Martin, co-author of The HeartMath Solution and internationally recognized leader in the field of human performance to experience a powerful source of intelligence that can lift you into a new state of awareness, success and fulfillment.

Activating the Energetic Heart is an energizing and up-lifting event that incorporates HeartMath’s innovative understanding about the heart’s role in accessing the new awareness and intelligence that is emerging on our planet. You’ll learn about break-through research on human performance, the techniques needed to improve your health and well-being and how to greatly increase your ability to affect global change.  In this program you’ll also gain the tools you need to participate in the Global Coherence Project, a revolutionary science-based initiative will unite millions of people in heart focused care and intention to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

1:30 PM - Juliet Carter - The Template and Worldbridger
Juliet will be covering material ranging from the healing of the fundamental Human condition to the realignment of the cosmogenic order of the solar system. The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence that uncovers the dynamics of creation in intelligent and digestible terms as it bridges the geometric signal of light, Human bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA restoration and the morphogenetic field to reveal the implicate order of manifest existence and the fractal nature of Human consciousness within the holography of the Universe. Ultimately the Template is a solution based system that will resurrect the original Human blueprint prior to our genetic modification. The Template Model answers our concerns about the present systemic failure of Earths governing systems that have led to the obvious path of terminal decline we now experience and offers an astounding, grounded and provable model to transcend this fear-based paradigm. The Template is a dynamic interactive system that reinstates humanities resonance with the harmonic geometries of light, returning us and our planet to the holistic space/time continuum.

1:30 PM - Vaughn Cook - Zyto - Voice Remapping as a Means to Enhance Personal Performance
Vaughn R Cook, OMD, CEO of ZYTO Corp will demonstrate how voice remapping is
used to improve personal performance in any area of your life. ZYTO's EVOX
technology is used by clinicians around the world to improve health
performance, dealing with emotional aspects to health in a rapid,
non-intrusive way. And this same technology is used in various fields of
competitive athletics with great success.

Whether you're interested in better health, a better relationship with your
family, or a better golf game, ZYTO technology can make a significant
difference, and Dr. Cook will show how it's done.

3:15 PM - Zacciah Blackburn - Sound, Healing and Consciousness
Sound is a potent vehicle for attunement and exploration of human consciousness.
It is both a carrier for, and a doorway into, the unseen worlds of dynamic Being.
By utilizing appropriate understanding of the nature of the subtle realms of consciousness, and attunement techniques into higher vibrational states, one can both access and integrate heightened states of awareness and understanding into one's Being, touching ever more deeply upon the Nature of Who We Are.
We will explore the subtle realms of consciousness through Sacred Sound Transmissions, and experience specific techniques for access, attunement, and voicing the nature of these "Pure Realms of Light and Sound."  By doing so, we come into right relationship with our own authentic being, in balance, harmony, and flow, with Universal Consciousness.

3:15 PM - Acutonics: The Music of the Spheres: Planetary Archetypes, Correspondences and Healing Application
This workshop explores the conscious application of the planetary tuning forks on acupuncture points, organ systems and chakra centers of the human body. Through our examination of the Music of the Spheres and their application in Western and Oriental Medicine, participants will be introduced to a modern methodology for applying Acutonics Tuning Forks. These tuning forks are tuned to the powerful frequencies, correspondences and musical intervals of the sun, moon, earth and planets. Through demonstration and lecture, you will learn the power of attuning yourself and others to the Music of the Spheres and realigning yourself with the cosmic source from which we have come.

5:00 PM - Raising the Consciousness of the Planet through Sound - Panel - Zacciah Blackburn, Juliet Carter, Steve Sklar
The new paradigm in healing is to move away from the old paradigm of healing specific issues and diseases, or simply focusing on using sound to relieve symptoms. Instead, many believe that if we can simply raise our consciousness, we may bypass the need for healing. As we connect to spirit, and higher frequencies of Love, Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation, we may no longer need healing. At least, when connected to the source, all healing becomes easier.


Pre and Post Conference Workshops


Pre Conference Workshop - Thursday May 1st 10AM - 5:00 PM Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard
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Overtones: The Essence of Harmony - Nestor Kornblum
An Introduction to Overtone Chant (Vocal Harmonics)

A detailed experiential workshop by one of Europe's foremost overtone singers and teachers.  The theory of overtone singing, it's uses as a healing tool, as well as the basic techniques will be clearly transmitted. Nestor´s clarity, humor and easy style guarantee an entertaining and highly practical experience. Harmonics are demonstrated as Quantum physics and Sacred Geometry-in-motion. Everyone will gain transformational sonic tools to practice in daily life, and inspirational insights into Harmonics as a Cosmic Unifying Law governing all matter and energy. Everybody will sing overtones! No musical knowledge is necessary.

Michêle Averard (UK/Spain) Sounding the Subtle Bodies

Michêle combines a deep knowledge of subtle energy work and the healing power of Voice to guide participants on a journey through the chakras and subtle energy bodies. A practical workshop that connects everyone with the healing power of their own voice. Includes techniques for Toning the Chakras and Sounding the Subtle Bodies, creating Sacred and protected personal space for healing to take place. No musical knowledge is necessary, nor is it necessary to "sing well", anyone with a voice is welcome!

Post Conference Workshop - Tuesday May 6th 10AM - 5:00 PM
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In this one-day workshop practitioners will learn how to integrate the therapeutic use of tuning forks in place of or in conjunction with acupuncture needles, acupressure, chiropractic, physical therapy or various massage techniques.
Through lecture, slide presentation, demonstration, and clinical practice, you will learn about the three realms: heaven, earth, and humanity. You will experience the energetics of transformation through the application of high, middle, and low, planetary tuning forks. These forks are tuned to the frequencies of the earth, moon, sun, and planets, which we will apply to acupuncture points, chakras, and points of pain.
This course will explore the use of point poetics, archetypes, and correspondences in healing and provide fresh new insights into the use of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and other transformational energetic gateways. At its core, the Acutonics System of Harmonic and Planetary medicine recognizes the profound universal connections between the natural world and the body, mind, and spirit; and the role that each one of us plays in the journey toward wholeness as a planetary citizen. This course is open to all practitioners, and will provide innovative ideas and methods for the therapeutic and transformational use of sound vibration for healing the individual, collective, and planet.

Globe Post Conference Workshop A May 7th-10th 10AM - 5:00 PM
Steven Halpern, David Gibson, Lisa Rafel, Silvina Vergara, Stuart Grace Greene
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Wednesday - May 7th - Lisa Rafel 10 AM - 5 PM
Experiential Foundations for Sound Healing

You will learn a technique for using your voice for healing yourself and others. Become familiar with different feeling states, and learn how sound, energy and intention can surrender into a self-aware state. Become conscious with sound, by developing physical/sensory recognition of subtle changes and acquire a relationship with the inner landscape through Spiritual attunement.

Thursday - May 8th - Steven Halpern and David Gibson 10 AM - 5 PM
Connecting to Spirit and Love through the Harmonic Structure of Sound

• Resonance in spaces (rooms, body cavities) and in materials (instruments and body organs)
• The Harmonic Structure of Sound and it's relationship to nature and cosmos
• Root Frequencies and your own Harmonic Structure
• Binaural Beats - How they work and how to create them
• The Harmonic Structure of the Sound of Love• Toning to connect to Spirit and Divine Love

Friday - May 9th - Silvina Vergara 10 AM - 5 PM
Transformational Sound Healing and Movement to Enhance the Innate Creative Potential

A powerful experiential workshop that will bring you into the heart of sound.- walk our journey releasing emotions - activate the natural healing abilities of our bodies- connect to our inner truth - transmute at the cellular level and create a shift- nurture our hearts and expand our consciousness - clear buried feelings.

Saturday - May 10th - Stuart Grace Greene10 AM - 5 PM
Resonance at the Quantum Level

• Globe Post Conference Workshop A-C (Certificate Program approved by the State of California)
Thurs May 1st - Sunday June 1st
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• Sound Healing Music Production 4 day seminar May 6th - May 9th 6:30-9:30 PM
• Sound Healing Music Production 4 week Seminar - May 6th - May 30th
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3 Sound Healing Events
at the Clarion Hotel at the San Francisco Airport
401 E. Millbrae Avenue Millbrae, CA Hotel phn# (650) 692-6363
Friday May 2nd, Saturday May 3rd and Sunday May 4th
All concerts are from 8-11 PM
Doors open at 7:30 PM

No need to signup for the conference in order to attend the concerts

Friday May 2nd - $30 ($40 at the door)
Healing the Planet with Sound, Music, and Visuals - Scott Huckabay and John Consemulder

To register go to http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/sfconf/register.html

Scott Huckabay - Checkout the video at http://www.scotthuckabay.com/promo.mov
Scott's act is reminiscent of transcended master Michael Hedges meets Jimi Hendrix meets Ravi Shankar. He is a very rhythmic player, developing complex and energetic tribal progressions on his tuned 528 frequency guitar, resonant with the heart charka. He takes the audience by surprise, leading them through dancing and joyous celebration into the realm of his celestial worship – the courtyard of the Divine. Various guiter tools assist in the journey of this vision caster from the land of Mu and his six stringed instrument of divination.
After meeting Dr. Len Horowitz in early 2007, Scott retuned his guitar to play in the key of LOVE, the 528 frequency. His live concert albums Live, Love in 528, Beam Us Up Scotty, and Rain Dancer have been known to prompt miraculous healings among listeners. Many spiritually-sensitive people feel their heart charkas opening, and breath releasing, as the music spins the energy center of LOVE into Divine attunement. Scott creates a modern-contemporary-shamanistic musical style to achieve the trance states in sound where spontaneous healing may occur. For more info: www.perfectcircleofsound.com Scott’s website is: www.ScottHuckabay.com

John Consemulder and Renske Skills
Special Multimedia Concert Production produced by John Consemulder and Renske Skills. They say John’s music and the harmonics it contains, will realign the codes of Enoch. His music is important for the ascension of this planet, going to the fifth dimension, while the music is coming from the ninth dimension. Together with Renske they create a multidimensional live event and create ‘sacred space’ of consciousness, carried by sound, light and energy.

John Consemulder is a Dutch author, lecturer, neuropsychologist and international composer, record producer, and live artist. His current focus is an integration of electronic instruments with real instruments, percussion and vocals, combining these to an original kind of deep and multidimensional spiritual music which contains elements of the past and elements of the future (multidimensional codes). John has earned a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, and is an author of articles and a book. His book BLUEPRINT, the multidimensional reality of Creation and Manifestation contains a special music cd combined with old languages, sound healing elements, sacred spaces recordings and extraterrestrial channelings, some of which will be performed live for the first time at this conference! John lectures in subjects like psycho-neuroimmunology, the real essence and intelligence of (non-local) communication and healing, crop circles, biophotonic light research, and is especially fascinated by magnetism and fields, vibration (Cymatics), sound healing, scalar electromagnetics and the holographic and multidimensional aspects of the reality of sound, light and energy.

Saturday May 3rd - $20 ($25 at the door)
Sound of Love Concert

To register go to http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/sfconf/register.html

Lisa Rafel, Silvina Vergara, Claire Victor, Evelie Delfino Sales Posch, Susan Hale, Caroluna, Maestro Curtis, Joel Andrews, Daniel Kobialka, Kris Yenney, and David Gibson
This will be a sacred event celebrating the love all around us. It is designed to help us all to move into the higher frequencies of joy, love, gratitude and appreciation.

Lisa Rafel is a sound and energy educator, spiritual counselor, gifted intuitive, singer, harmonic overtone chanter, shamanic healer and a practitioner of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. Lisa's program, "Resonate with the Soul," encourages development of the psychic senses as well as personal transformation, utilizing sound, body awareness and ancient wisdoms. Lisa teaches the use of the voice for healing at Globe Institute.

Joel Andrews is a harpist, composer, author, and he was the pioneer music healer in America. He tours and presents concerts and workshops worldwide. Captivating international audiences with his exquisite music for over 30 years, he has produced 33 recordings, including collaborations with Paul Horn and the Paul Winter Consort. He was presented in Town Hall, New York, with critical acclaim and has soloed with the San Francisco Symphony under Arthur Fiedler. Mr. Andrews has also recorded over 3,000 healing sessions for individual transformation and his CDs, tapes and writings, distributed world-wide, are used to support many modalities of therapy. They have provided balance, harmony, healing, and enlightenment. 500 testimonials reveal the unbelievable variety of the therapeutic effects of his beautiful music.

Silvina Vergara is a holistic counselor, conscious guide, educator, singer, minister, dance instructor, and she incorporates dance, drama and movement composition to her training. She plays the singing crystal bowls and brings more than twenty years of experience in the areas of energy work, self development, movement and voice. Silvina has had extensive training in performing arts, creative movement and metaphysics. Silvina holds a certification in sound healing and has completed a training in Sahuka, a synthesis on high Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. She is currently a radio hostess in self awareness and spiritual growth for the Hispanic community. She is also working as a facilitator in stress management for San Francisco General Hospital for a special program for cancer patients. In her sessions she incorporates past life work, vibrational healing massage, breath and emotional work in order to facilitate a greater awareness of oneself, enhancing vitality and sense of well being. "Integrating these healing modalities is a reflection of my Healing Process, bringing a profound connection to my heart."

Claire Victor - Music is a lifelong passion for Claire -- one she combines with a strong commitment to hone, craft and stretch her abilities and the talents of others.  Currently residing in Northern California, she conducts the “One Heart Choir”, writes and arranges for her inspirational vocal ensemble, “Heaven n Earth" and conducts sound empowerment workshops and vocal transformation classes.

Evelie Delfino Sales Posch is a Sacred Song Singer/Writer; recording artist; drummer; dancer; Tibetan and Kundalini yogini; Sound and Pranic healer and practitioner, also going for her Reiki certification; choral director; storyteller; actress; music educator; independed scholar; and magical activist whose talents have flourished for over thirty-five years, spanning the traditions of her ancestors and the progressive edge of ceremony, world music and dance today.

Evelie was singing before she could talk, according to her mother, also a radio and club singer. She comes from a musical clan based all over the world. One of her aunts sang at the Fairmont Tonga Room for several decades and even opened up for Dionne Warwick. Another uncle has a jazz band based in Hong Kong whom she meet when the band was brought over to an Italian Hotel in Taiwan where she was singing. In college she sang with the Uinversity of the Philippines Concert Chorus, the first ever to go abroad, and sang at college and university campuses, libraries, the Mormon Tabernacle, St Peter and Paul Cathedral in New York and culminated the two-month tour with peformances at the Lincoln Center in New York and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Caroluna is an award winning performance artist, composer, filmmaker/ VJ and classically trained vocalist. Caroluna sang at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino and was a featured visual music artist at LUX , an international VJ and video artist festival in Seville, Spain. She recently performed her compositions, “Sacred Love Songs” at Grace Cathedral, for the Cosmic Mass with Matthew Fox, where she is also the resident video artist, at the Harbin Temple, at TempleSF, and at Cobalt Sun with Lama Pema Tendzin, as an accompaniment to meditation ceremonies. 

Kris Yenney cellist, conductor, composer, and teacher ~ has a M.M. degree in cello performance from New England Conservatory of Music, and has also studied at Julliard, Tanglewood, and in Banff, India and Scotland... She has performed extensively with several ensembles, from the San Jose Symphony and Opera orchestras to the New England String Quartet (NESQ), the Left Coast Ensemble, Trio con Brio to the Gryphon Allstars and the TheatreWorks orchestra and Four Shillings Short. She teaches cello and chamber music privately and directs the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra's SuperStrings and Preparatory groups. She can be heard on numerous recordings ranging from classical to Celtic to Jazz. Highlights of her musical life include presenting a private concert with Yo-Yo Ma and NESQ, performing with Jazz pianist Fred Hersch, accompanying Terry Riley in a concert of Indian Raga in Delhi, India, playing with Alasdair Fraser's fiddle class in Skye and sitting in with the likes of Lyle Lovett, Smokey Robinson and Rod Stewart.

Daniel Kobialka, Violinist, Composer, Arranger and Producer, Principal Second Violin for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for over two decades, performed his first concert at the age of eight, made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall in 1963 to critical acclaim, and has subsequently performed as soloist with the orchestras of Boston, Atlanta, and Oakland. Over the past two decades, Daniel has released an extremely popular series featuring some of the most beautiful melodies in classical repertoire. His music is used widely in hospitals.

Susan Hale is a music therapist, singer and author of Song and Silence: Voicing the Soul and her new book "Sacred Space, Sacred Sound" about her research and experiences singing throughout the world including at Chartres Cathedral, Stonehenge, Avebury, Newgrange and the prehistoric cave of Lascaux. Susan has a degree in Creative Arts Therapy and is a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery. She teaches people how to find and free the natural voice throughout the United States, Britain and Canada. A pioneer in the fields of music therapy, creative arts therapy and sound healing since the mid-70's she has been at the forefront of exploring music, sound, voice, word and image as healing arts. As Director of the Songkeeper Apprenticeship she has acted as a midwife to access the hidden voices of her students. Susan's background as a trainer in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery and teacher of Archetypal Psychology grounds her in guiding people through mythic realities for personal growth and creative exploration. She is an innovative and dynamic leader whose joy and sensitivity help even the shyest people to express themselves more authentically. She has led pilgrimages to sacred sites in Britain and the Southwest.

Maestro Curtis has three Bachelors Degrees and two Masters Degrees in areas of Piano and Vocal Music, Music Theory/Orchestration and Arranging, and Philosophy. He has produced albums with Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire and has performed with such artists as Peabo Bryson, The Ojay’s, George Benson, and The Count Basie Orchestra. Maestro teaches Music Theory from a PsychoAcoustic Perspective at Globe Institute and has also developed and implemented a therapy program funded by United Way for the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

David Gibson is the Founder and Director of Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute. He is also a Professional Recording Engineer and Producer. He has an in-depth understanding of the underlying physics of sound. David is also the author of the best selling book, "The Art of Mixing," which uses visuals to explain and show every style of mix in the world, making complex structures of mixes easily understandable. Gibson is also the inventor of the Patented, "Virtual Mixer," which uses 3D visuals of the mix to control mixing consoles and computerized mixers. He is currently working on a system where you can step into a Virtual Reality image of your own body. As you place visuals of sounds inside the body in 3D, sounds move up and down in a Sound Table so you feel the sounds inside the body exactly where you are seeing the visuals in 3D. You will be able to put sounds and corresponding Sacred Geometry images in organs, endocrine glands, muscles, and chakras. David is also currently working on a book called, "The Sound of Love."


Sunday May 4th - $10 ($15 at the door)
Natural Acoustic Healing Sounds Concert
To register go to http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/sfconf/register.html

David Hickey, performs with over 20 Quartz Crystal Bowls, 8 Paiste Gongs, Chakra Chimes, Sansula Kalimba, Marimba, Vibraphone and Tree Works Chimes. The second half will be an Overtoning Experience with Steve Sklar, Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard.

David Hickey - Based in Mount Hope, Ontario, David performs with over 20 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in combination with 8 Paiste Gongs and Chimes. Each gong features a strong fundamental note tuned to represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the other planets. David also performs with other beautiful organic instruments that add the finishing touches to an amazing performance.† The intent of a performance is to create beautiful improvised, meditative and healing music. David has been touring Canada coast to coast the past five years and have performed over 400 shows and have released 5 CD's.† Crystal Journey has dedicated it's intention for the music to help raise awareness to our environment and such social causes as Tibet and Burma and has raised funds for various charities as well- The Monks of the Gomang Monastery, Indonesian Tsunami Relief, churches and more.

Nestor Kornblum (South Africa) is a co-director and co-founder of the Association of Sound Therapy (Spain), and the International Association of Sound Therapy (I.A.S.T.). He is a sound therapist and overtone singer of international repute, today working and conducting courses worldwide. He has been interviewed numerous times on TV, radio and in the press, and has written articles both in English and Spanish on sound as a healing modality. Together with his wife and partner in sound Michêle Averard he has published several CDs of music for healing, meditation and relaxation. His new instruction book with CD, Overtone Chant: the Practical Guide has recently been published and has received critical acclaim from therapists and musicians in many countries. Nestor is able, employing a variety of techniques for amplifying the harmonics or pure frequencies within the voice, to sing two, three or even 4 simultaneous sounds, with a span of 5 octaves. This knowledge has enabled him to give master classes on vocal harmonics at several universities. He has performed concerts together with Michêle in Sacred Music Festivals, festivals devoted to the Healing Arts, in Cathedrals and churches all over Europe, and World Music festivals. H.H. Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have been among members of their audience.

Michêle Averard - Co-director and co-founder of both the Association of Sound Therapy (Spain) and the International Ass. of Sound Therapy, Michêle is an internationally recognised Sound Therapist, overtone singer and singer/songwriter. She is a talented performer, with a gift for captivating audiences, and is a charismatic workshop leader.
Michêle has conducted courses in Healing Sound as well as Workshops for Women (Sounding the Inner Goddess) in South Africa, UK, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Spain, mainly in “The Dome” at her home on the Costa Blanca. She also offers individual healing sessions with Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments and is possibly the only Westerner to have given a treatment of Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls to a Tibetan lama.
Michêle plays guitar, tampura, monochord, koto, Native American flute, Tibetan Bowls and other acoustic instruments. Together with her husband and partner Nestor Kornblum she has published 8 CDs of music for healing. It was through Michêle that Nestor discovered his gift for overtone singing and thus began his own journey into Sound.

Steven Sklar is a sound healer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist based in Minneapolis. A longtime associate of the famed Tuvan ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu, he is the leading teacher and performer of Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing) and Tibetan low-voice chordal chanting voice in the western hemisphere, and has taught around the world, including the US, Canada, Finland, Mexico, and Taiwan. In addition to teaching and sound healing, he performs on guitar, didgeridoo, Himalayan metalophones, the Tuvan igil (horsehead fiddle), and other exotic instruments, both as a soloist and as leader of the ensembles Big Sky and the Overtone Orchestra. He also studied and worked extensively with the Tuvan throat-singing shaman N. Oorzhak. Steve works with "internal sounds, the sounds not heard by our ears", and their roles/actions in creating and maintaining energy blockages, along with the use of sounds and related programming techniques to overcome illness patterns and their causes. Visit and listen to Steve online at http://khoomei.com